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A novel multi-integrated robotic system that incorporates soft exoskeleton and neuromuscular electrical stimulation in one system for effective and self-help mobile rehabilitation after stroke. It can assist the elbow, wrist, and fingers to perform sequential arm reaching and withdrawing tasks under voluntary effort control through electromyography signals from the paretic limb, with a lightweight, compact, and low-power requirement design. 

Mobilexo Arm

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  • 1. Mobilexo Arm has been selected for the recommended product category of innovative achievements by the China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, 2023.


    2. First prizes in the final round & semi-final round in rehabilitation group, China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition, 2021.


    3. 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, 2019. A Grand Prize, Gold Medal, Special Merit Award, “Mobile Exo-neuro-musculo-skeleton for Self-help Post-stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation.” X.L. Hu., W. Rong, W.M. Li, C.Y. Nam, H. W. Wai, J. Ngai, E. Cheung, L. Li. J.Y. Hu, P. Pang, L. Li, W. S. Poon.

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